New Year’s Resolution: How To Become Pain Free in 2019

It’s that time of the year, when we look back on the year behind us and think of how to make the upcoming one even better. No matter how healthy you think you are now, there is always room for improvement to be more aware of your health from the inside out. As you close out 2018, here are a few resolutions to consider for a healthy spine in 2019!

Define Your 2018 New Year’s Resolution

A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body. Define what your resolutions mean to you and what those goals look. Resolutions, or goals, are supposed to add to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Make meaningful changes or additions to your new year to help you thrive and feel like your body can tackle any challenges you face in 2019.

Make Time for Exercise

Now, we are NOT saying to hurry up join a gym, get a trainer, or drop 20 pounds. If those are your goals, great! What everyone should be doing is ‘making a date’ with exercise, whether it’s for a walk, run, yoga, even taking time to stretch your body. If you have a busy schedule, challenge yourself during your daily routine by making small changes like taking the stairs, parking further away at the store parking lot, and taking the dog for a walk. Adding exercise in any form will always be beneficial to you and your body. Strengthening your entire body helps protect your spine and to prevent future pain and injury.

Eat and Drink More

We don’t mean you should eat more french fries or cake or drink more soda or alcohol. This means try adding healthier foods to your plate and adding another cup of water or two to your routine. Water actually fills you up which will help prevent overeating. Often times people have a hard time sticking to a drastic “diet” cutting out the treats they love the most. To help remind you to drink water, carry around a water bottle. Be kinder to yourself this year, and try adding healthier choices to your life which will have you feeling and being healthier while still enjoying life.

Find a Chiropractor

Chiropractic care is not just for those with chronic pain. Adding chiropractic care to your life will help keep your spine in check. Your spine plays an extremely important part in your health. With chiropractic maintenance you not only relieve your pain but will also improve your overall health. Getting adjusted regularly can reduce stress, boost energy, and ensures that your nervous system is functioning at its best.

Looking for that extra help accomplishing your health and wellness goals in 2019? Will this be the year that you become pain free? Schedule you first visit and receive our New Patient Special!  Already see us, request an appointment to see how we can help you accomplish your goals in 2019!